Historic Winery Zollweghof Lana

The Zollweghof is mentioned in documents for the first time in 1346. Since 1935 the farm is family owned – now in 3rd generation — and comprises 1.7 hectares of wine on steep south and southeast slopes. For almost 30 years, Franz Pfeifhofer has been cultivating plants on a terrain reaching up to 500m above sea level, according to the biodynamic method and has converted 80% of them to PiWi vines. The Zollweghof offers wines from the best new varieties of fungus-resistant grapes. In a guided tour people can learn more about the 700-year-old cellar, in which the white, red, rose and sparkling wines ripen: Every Thursday at 04:00 p.m., the Zollweghof offers vineyard and cellar tours with wine tastings.

Products: sparkling wine rosé swing, white wines Bronner, Pfiffikus, Goldraut, rosé wine garnet, red wines unique and Bonifazius, white wine Goldraut matured in amphoras, red wine Cuvé Braunsberg matured in barrique

Organic since 1990

Certificate: Demeter


Franz Pfeifhofer und Irmgard Windegger

Address: Braunsbergerweg 15, Lana

Phone: +39 335 5922200

E-mail: info@zollweghof.it 

Sales: Farm-gate sale, Naturalia, Biokistl, Südtirol Pur, Meraner Weinhaus, Despar (Ulten, Lana), Zöggeler Natur and Metzgerei Holzner (Lana), Camping Moosbauer in Bozen/ Bolzano

Offers: Tours of vineyard and cellar with wine tasting


Wine, Fruit.


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