Ultner Brot

Ultner Brot: its history

The bakery was opened in 1919 by our great-grandmother. Today, we still produce our merchandise in the same place in the village centre of St. Walburg. Richard Schwienbacher, the master baker and grandchild of the first proprietor, has an enormous passion for the art of baking, which reflects in his wonderful creativity and unique products. Both are famous far beyond the frontiers of the Ulten Valley. On the basis of true baking tradition, our ancestors have created a strong brand. It is a daily challenge for our more than 40 head team to strengthen and develop this brand. All our staff comes from the Ulten Valley and/or its surroundings. Despite constant modernisation of our production rooms and the use of contemporary technology, our business is rooted in tradition as we still finish all our products by hand.

Our values and goals

Great quality begins in the choice of ingredients. For us, this is an area of ‘no compromise’. One of the consequences is the fact that we grind our organic cereal in our family-owned mill. We also strongly believe that a fair conduct with people and nature are an important pre-condition for success. The magnificent landscape of the Ulten Valley provides a fantastic backdrop to where we work with our great team. Day after day, all of us concentrate on doing a good job in order to make this business South Tyrol’s organic bakery number 1.

Only the best ingredients to ensure the best quality

In South Tyrol’s most water-intensive valley, it hardly comes as a surprise that our precious water plays a most important role. Our springs produce water of the highest quality! Flour and all kinds of cereals are acquired from a nearby mill in Meran or directly from the farming community. In our recipes, there is no space for any type of baking aid or mixtures. We prefer to give it time in order to help the dough develop its own taste. For generations, we produce our own natural sour dough without any additives.


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