TriadeBio Egna Neumarkt

Organic for your daily needs

Already as a young couple Birgit and Franz Hillebrand were enthusiastic about a lifestyle close to nature and pursued their dream of distributing organic food in various ways. In 1996, the first Triade was built in Neumarkt. Today the two can look back on a lot of experience, which is reflected in good advice and a positive shopping experience in Neumarkt and also two other shops in Bolzano and Caldaro. Fair trade, sustainability and the promotion of regional business cycles determine their philosophy.

Products: full range of 4,500 products, with seasonal fluctuations: food (fresh and dry products, dairy products, gluten-free and specially adapted to allergic products), dietary supplements, natural cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products, household items

Organic since 1996

Certificates: Demeter partner



TriadeBio Neumarkt
Marienstraße 8/1, I-39044 Neumarkt (BZ)
Phone: +39 0471 820215


Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Do: 08:15 - 12:15 & 15:30 - 19:00; Fr: 08:15 - 19:00; Sa: 08:15 - 12:15; Sommer: 08:15 - 12:15 & 16:00 - 19:00


Spreads & Jams, Wine, Fruit, Juice, Potatos, Vegetables, Milk & Dairy Products, Honey, Herbal Products, Meat, Liquors, Eggs, Bread & Baked Goods, Other Specialities, Cosmetics.




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