Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg

Mushroom-resistant variety

Thomas Niedermayr manages the farm Gandberg in Eppan in second generation, following permaculture principles. Biodiversity flourishes between the vines: rye, vegetables, herbs and flowers of every kind grow between the rows, nourishing animals and humans. He also does not want to miss this naturalness in the cellar: fermentation takes its natural time and sets in spontaneously. The result are excellent wines: cuvées such as "Sonnrain" and "Gandfels" and varietal wines such as "Bronner" and "Abendrot". During season, fruit, vegetables and eggs can be bought directly from the farm.

Products: Organic wines from PiWi vines, apples, chestnuts, table grapes, eggs

Organic since 1991

Certificates: Bioland, Free Winegrowers South Tyrol


Thomas Niedermayr

Address: Hof Gandberg, Schulthauserweg 1, 39057 Eppan

Telefon: +39 0471 664152



Sales: farm-gate sale on agreement, Weinhandlung Vinothek Meraner Weinhaus, Pur Südtirol, Weinhandlung Karadar Diether, Wine-Project (Mailand), Vinocru (Ancona), Jan D'Amore Wines (New York City)

Offers: tours of the farm (Easter until November: Mo: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., registration necessary)



Wine, Fruit.


Winery, Guided tours, Farm.


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