From the grain to bread

Roatnocker-Hof farm is situated at 1,330 m above sea level on Nonsberg plateau and is now being run by the 4th generation of the Weiss family. All of the farm production there has been carried out in accordance with Bioland guidelines since 2011. There are rare Tyrolean Grauvieh cattle and Lacaune dairy sheep in the stables. Every day, raw milk from the cattle and sheep is turned into fresh and hard cheese.
Alongside potatoes, rye, barley, wheat and oats thrive in the fields and are sold on the farm. As supply is (still) limited, it's worth ordering your chosen products in advance!
The farm's own grain is ground into flour in the farm grain mill and is made into bread on a weekly basis: Friday is baking day! You can take part by arrangement. The barley is roasted and may be purchased in the husk or de-husked. Oats are processed into oat flakes.
Besides cereal products, milk, dairy products and eggs are sold on the farm, as long as stocks last. Tours may be booked of Roatnocker-Hof's bakery, cheese dairy and stables, where the Weiss family will show the old grain mill in action, which was rebuilt after the 1st World War by their grandfather.


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