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Pure bread, day after day!

This credo is lived daily in the natural bakery Profanter, because the breads and other bakery products of the organic bakery pioneer in South Tyrol Profanter are made of 100% nature. After the first organic grain was ground in the company's own wholemeal mill in 1983, the bakery was the first in South Tyrol to be organically certified and was also the first fully converted organic bakery in South Tyrol in 2011.

"Our biggest goal is to bake bread that does good to the environment and to people," explains master baker Helmuth Profanter. The complete abandonment of ready mixes, artificial additives and the commitment to a sustainable economy confirm this. "Organic for us is not just a marketing strategy.", confirms junior chef and master baker Benjamin Profanter. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bakery Profanter is the largest buyer of South Tyrolean cereals. Since autumn 2015, even more South Tyrolean organic rye has been used for fresh rye bread.

Almost all baked goods are lactose-free and there is also a large vegan range in the pastry shop. By using pure rye, spelled or kamut, there is a wide selection of wheat-free products. The in-house made sourdough that has been used for more than 30 years is responsible for the great taste of bread. "Our bread tastes so good because, apart from love, our most important ingredient is the time that good bread needs to mature!"


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