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High spirits

The distilling of fine organic distillates is a vocation for Friedrich Steiner. He only uses organic products from his farm or from farms in the Vinschgau valley. This passion has a taste, in the form of aromatic apricot distillates, in the variety of apple schnaps made from Kaltern or Canada Renetta apples, in the excellent palabirne distillates and in the special 'Gumperle-Kräuter-Bitter', which contains only ingredients grown on the farm, even the 'stevia' used in it.


Products: fruit distillates, berry liqueurs from wild berries, fruit liqueurs, 'Gumperle-Kräuter-Bitter', pure-variety Treber.

Offers: tour of distillery with introduction to the distillation process and tasting of distillates and liqueurs every Monday, every Sunday distillate-gourmet menu in Biohotel Panorama

Sale: from hotel shop during hotel opening times, otherwise on arrangement, Pur Südtirol Meran, Pobitzer farm shop in Mals


Organic since 2006

Certificates: Bioland, Biohotels, Alpine Pearls


Friedrich Steiner

Hauptstr. 3

39024 Malles

0039 0473 831186 , Fax 0039 0473 831215,




Restaurant, Guided tours, Farm.


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