Not only sheep’s cheese!

The sheep and the unique sheep’s milk production are what makes Moserhof farm in Ahrntal valley so special – or is it the farmer, Michael Oberhollenzer? He built up the cheese dairy with a unique financial concept: the right to participate in its profit. Anyone investing in the dairy receives interest in the form of its products and may enjoy its unique sheep’s cheese.

Products: sheep’s milk and cow’s milk production, potatoes, eggs, fresh pork and mutton, smoked sausages and ’speck‘

Organic since 2003

Certificates: Bioland, Red Rooster



Michael Oberhollenzer

Steinhaus 4

39030 Ahrntal

Tel 0039 0474 65 22 74

Mobil 0039 348 3547329,

Sale: Farm shop open Monday and Wednesday until Saturday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, closed on Tuesdays, Pur Südtirol and Bioexpress


Potatos, Milk & Dairy Products, Meat, Eggs.


Guided tours, Store, Farm.


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