Kopp in Bach

Berries on steep slopes

Kopp in Bach has ever since been an organic farm. In 2009, Andreas Tasser took on the farm as a newcomer in the field of organic farming and quickly came to the conclusion that the steep terrain in the Eisacktal are highly suited for cultivating berries. On about 3.500 square meters he now grows organic berry fruit following Bioland guidelines: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and elderberries. Later on in the year, the farm sells also chestnuts. The fields are rather small and surrounded by many shrubs and trees, where plenty of small animals, herbs and flowers find a place to live. The Kopp in Bach farm supplies private customers, as well as upscale gastronomy in South Tyrol.


Andreas Tasser

Address: Via Rosengarten 23, 39040 Barbiano

Phone: +39 338 1531591

E-mail: minitasser@hotmail.com


Spreads & Jams, Fruit, Juice, Other Specialities.




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