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Even the path to Hausenhof farm, steep and rocky in parts, is an experience! The farm lies practically right on the Meraner High Alpine Path at an altitude of 1,300 metres. Christoph Tribus and his partner, Beate, run the farm with its own cheese dairy. Over 60 mountain goats native to Passeiertal valley, 8 dairy cows ('Grauvieh' and 'Fleckvieh' breeds) and pigs clearly like it here. Visitors will do, too! They may help themselves to delicious organic cheese and goat's cheese, organic 'speck' and 'kaminwurzen' from the self-service stand.

Products: elderflower, herbs, pork, beef, goat's meat, belly 'speck', 'speck', goat's meat 'kaminwurzen', pork and beef, cow's milk and goat's milk products: yoghurt, mountain pasture cheese, hard cheese from cow's milk; elderberry and elderflower cordial, peppermint juice, apple juice;

Organic since 1995

Certificates: Bioland



Christoph Tribus

Hausenhof, Vellau 19

39022 Algund

Tel. 0039 348 0053681,

Sale: Online organic market (under development)

On offer: volunteers are welcome to help out all year round: milking cows, feeding animals, making cheese, turning the hay, working in the farm shop; board and lodging is provided; in conjunction with Bergbauernhilfe Südtirol association 




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