Herbs and spices and sweet roses

Herbs really thrive at Getzlechenhof in Ahrntal valley, thanks to their growing on a sunny slope at 1,000 m above sea level and being surrounded by fresh mountain air. In 1991, the Leiter family decided to specialise in medicinal herbs and was awarded the Bioland certificate in 1996.
Today, a colourful range is produced out of a creative mixture of innovation and tradition: herbal teas, herb salt and oil, seasoning for salad, cordials, ready mixes for liqueurs and cosmetics such as foot gel or propolis cream. Items such as stuffed bunny rabbits, cushions (containing wood shavings from wild and untreated arolla pine trees from Ahrntal) or decorations are made by hand and with lots of love and attention. It's all organic – there's no other way for Dora Leiter.
The centrepiece of the garden is the Damask Rose, 'Trigintipetala', or Bulgarian oil rose. Its pink petals are picked once a year and Dora Leiter obtains sweet-smelling rose oil from them, which she then makes into rose water, creams, soaps and honey. Her rosehip powder is also very popular, which involves grinding the whole rose, including the seeds. These contain an substance that soothes arthosis and joint swellings. All products from Getzlechenhof may be purchased on the farm, in selected hotels and at the weekly farmers' market in Sand in Taufers. In the summer Getzlechenhof is also represented at markets in Pustertal valley.



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