Organic beef from South Tyrol

We, 20 South Tyrolean mountain farmers, produce organic beef of the brand "Bio*Beef". High animal welfare through a natural environment is important to us. On our farms, all animals can move freely both in summer and winter. The calves and young cattle is allowed to stay with their mothers and drink their milk while the mother enjoys juicy grass and digestible hay. We consciously abstain from soy and silage feeding. Meat pieces such as roast beef, schnitzel, roast or minced meat are packaged in portions and are offered in pre-order in two package sizes (3-4 kg and 6-8 kg).

Organic beef from the South Tyrolean farm is low in fat and cholesterol, rich in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. The meat is dark pink, aromatic in taste and remains very juicy because of its fine marbling.


Paul Profanter

(ArGe Biofleisch | BIO*BEEF )

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