Ansitz Dornach Tenuta

In 2008, after years and years of solely the merchandise of grapes, the production of vine starts again. In the first year a part of the ‘Pinot Nero' grapes as well as a part of the ‘Pinot Bianco' grapes are being vinificated. The harvest is done by hand of experienced local personnel. The grapes selected for the vine production are being picked early in the morning to ensure an optimal temperature afterwards during the elaboration of the must. 

The organic agriculture is not only a technique to be applied on “in field”, we live the organic agriculture every day. Our family eats for the bigger part the self-produced organic products: potatoes, polenta, fruits and vegetables of our soil, but also herbs and wild salads of our vineyards. Live with us the experience of our daily farm-life. Starting with the rooster chant, passing from the egg for the breakfast  to reach the end of the day in which you can relax with a glass of wine.


Dornachstr. 12, 39040 Salurn

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