Taubers Bio- & Vitalhotel

Of vital importance

Gerhard Tauber is committed to the sustainable management of natural resources. This includes using nature’s harmonies and is expressed in the four elements found in the garden. The hotel offers the unique and special ‘Lebensfeuer’, or ‘life-fire’ method: this involves measuring the body’s vitality and Gerhard Tauber holds personal coaching sessions.

Products from the hotel’s vegetable garden: artichokes, beans, herbs, carrots, leeks, lettuce, various field vegetables, cabbages, onions.

Organic since 1994

Certificates: Bioland, Biohotel, ehc Eco hotels certified, Wanderhotel 


Family Gerd & Margit Tauber
Via Pusteria 7
39030 San Sigismondo / Chienes
Tel. 0474 56 95 00
Fax 0474 56 96 73


Offers: a holiday in this bio-hotel with wholefood cuisine from seasonal and regional organic products. Menus for coeliac disease patients and the lactose intolerant. Walks all year round with seasonal surprises, Alpinea wellness with Bergila organic products.




Restaurant, Hotel.


Pustertal valley & eastern dolomites. find us on the map

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